“Each and every cocktail has its own psychedelic edge. My goal in crafting the Superfrico cocktail menu was to open people’s minds, to get them to more fully experience their senses; to experience, taste, see and feel something they might not normally experience, taste, see or feel.” —Leo Robitschek, Principal Pourer 


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MirkAmaro Spritz
luxardo amaro abano, grapefruit, lemon, coffee, cinnamon, tonic

The Machine Dazzle
amaretto, campari, lemon, egg white, peychaud’s bitters

Under the Host Martini
absolut elyx vodka, castelvetrano olives, blanco vermouth, white balsamic

The Cosmonaut of Las Vegas
helix vodka, cranberry, lime, sweet vermouth, amontillado sherry, chai tea, clarified milk

High Wire Espresso Martini
helix vodka, mr black coffee liqueur, linie aquavit, cold brew coffee, salt

Porn Star Martini
el tequileño blanco tequila, fino sherry, lime, velvet falernum, vanilla, passion fruit

Here Comes the Sun
el tequileño blanco tequila, aperol, cherry heering, lemon, orgeat, pineapple, passion fruit, thai chili

The penicillin of our generation.
michter’s bourbon, palo cortado sherry, lemon, toasted coconut honey, ginger

Space Fruit
old overholt rye, luxardo amaro abano, honey crisp apple, lemon

Psycho Pop Party
diplomático reserva exclusiva rum, amontillado sherry, lime, coconut, pineapple, orange, blue

Boozy Skunkton
The Atomic Saloon’s proprietress is anything but Old Fashioned.
banana & raisin-infused diplomático reserva exclusiva rum, smith & cross jamaican rum, toasted coconut honey, angostura bitters

Penguins Take Manhattan
eagle rare bourbon, diplomático reserva exclusiva rum, pedro ximénez sherry, cynar, black sesame, white chocolate


Chocolate Boulevardier
michter’s bourbon, campari, blanc vermouth, cacao nib

Pandan & Coffee
el tequileño reposado tequila, campari, sweet vermouth, pandan leaf, cold brew coffee, coconut water

Pizza Party
beefeater gin, campari, sweet vermouth, roma tomato water, basil, castelvetrano olive

Strawberry Sbagliato
champagne, campari, sweet vermouth, strawberry


Amaro Abano

Amaro Nonino


Amaro di Angostura



Cynar 70

Foro Amaro


R. Jelinek Fernet

Amaro Montenegro




Salty Sled Dog
helix vodka, punt e mes, aperol, grapefruit, strawberry, soda

Southside Snowplow
beefeater gin, cocchi americano, lemon, kumquat, mint, cucumber

Sexy Diablo
sombra mezcal, lime, ginger, hibiscus, soda

Slava’s Snowstorm
helix vodka, mr black coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee, hot toasted coconut cream, cardamom

fireball or chocolate tequila


Gingered Ale
ginger, lime, demerara, club soda

Softcore Soda
honey crisp apple, chamomile, verjus, agave

Devoción & Tonic
cold brew coffee, lemon, grapefruit, tonic

Oh, Floridada
orange, oat milk, orange blossom water, vanilla