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Spiegelworld has been committed to the arts from (literally) Day One. Since our 2006 debut, we’ve acquired countless works representing a variety of subjects across multiple mediums. Further, key elements of Superfrico’s early development—its attitude, look, feel and philosophy—were inspired by one such commission: Psycho Pop Party (below) by Adehla Lee.

Put simply: without art, there’s no Spiegelworld—and without Spiegelworld, there’s no Superfrico. What better way to honor that relationship than to fill a room with some of our favorite artists’ work? 

Curated by international art consultant Heather Harmon, The Artery is a salon-style dining room featuring pieces from Spiegelworld’s collection alongside a blend of site-specific or otherwise unique-to-Superfrico works by 20+ contemporary artists—even the walls, painted by muralist Lisa Stolist, are a work of art.

For more information on individual artists and their contributions, be sure to request the Artery Bible upon your next visit.